Who’s Ready for Another Update?

Of my Bucket List!!! In honor of my 19th birthday, here it is:

1) start college (most definitely completed, almost done with a 3rd semester)

2) learn to play piano (never going to happen but I don’t have the will to remove it)

3) go to disneyland for the first time ever (woot, woot. Wish I could go again)

4) travel outside of the USA (We’ll see…)

5) earn young women in excellence award (um…yeah, good luck)

6) write a book (it’s inching along. very slowly)

7) sell one of my own photos (I’m really working on this. taking photography seminars and everything)

8) become a dancer. This probably isn’t what you think it is. I have redefined what being a dancer means to me. It means loving to dance and putting your heart and soul into your art. Becoming a true dancer isn’t about turnout, extension, flexibility, or pointe work to me. I might not become a talented dancer but I’ll be a true one. As Antonio Banderas said in Take the Lead, “Do you want to dance? Then you were made to dance.”

9) marry and have children (down the road obviously)

10) create my own blog (you’re here, aren’t you?)

11) actually write in my blog more than once in a blue moon (um, does Thankful November count? or is that cheating?)

12) learn spanish   nopenopenopenopenope

13) become more fluent in french (I’m trying)

14) learn to cook better (I’m in college, creative cooking is part of the job description)

15) get a job CHECK! I did have a job over the summer but I had to leave it behind when I went back to school (ah, the life of a college student)

ANY good ideas for what I can add to my bucket list? I’m looking for mostly short term goals that would be fun to do! (ANYTHING, HONESTLY?!)


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