Happy Halloween!

How was everyone’s Halloween? I’ve always loved Halloween simply because I loved dressing up and walking around town. I believe that you’re never too old to dress up. But you can be too old to trick or treat. Trick or treating is for kids. That is the sad truth that some young adults have trouble coming to terms with. When you are an adult, you can purchase your own candy and it’s inappropriate to go begging for free candy at other people’s doors when that candy is meant for the children. Anyways, there are tons of adult friendly activities for Halloween. You don’t need to trick or treat, you’re an adult.

I dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood. My friends and I went to a wonderful Haunted House and a dance. The scariness of the Haunted house was lost though when we ran into the Mad Hatter in Wonderland. He was asking if we’d seen Alice. Of course, we hadn’t seen her but funnily enough, my roommate was dressed as the Cheshire Cat and that seemed good enough for the Mad Hatter who then proceeded to greet “Chester” and try chat with her. After the dance, we trekked to the grocery store for ice cream and amused some of the other patrons with my costume and the fact that I (Little Red Riding Hood) was carrying a skull in grocery basket (the skull was from one of my other friends who had dressed as Hamlet). We then enjoyed the rest of the night with root beer floats and candy that my roommates family had sent us.

See, you don’t need to trick or treat. Plus, it’s illegal in my town (for those 18 and up).Image


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