Sara Bareilles!!!!
I only knew one of her songs before (love song) but I recently found out that she is the cousin of choir teacher from elementary school. She is coming out with a new album (the blessed unrest) this year and has released one of the albums songs digitally (Brave). Of course, her relation to my teacher is not why she is now my favorite, it’s just that this revelation led me to check out some of her other songs and I absolutely adore her work.
The elementary school that I went to from Kindergarten all the way through 6th grade is going to close (permanently) at the end of this school (seems unrelated but it isn’t). All the children currently attending have to start school at one of the other schools in the area. It can be a tough transition to go to a new school (especially when it’s for no good reason) so the students were taken on field trips to visit their new schools and check out the campus. My ex-choir teacher, amazing as she is, played Sara Bareilles new song Brave for her students before their field trip, hoping that the song will help them to be brave with all the changes going on and that they won’t be so scared to go to a new school. It has been an emotional time for our community, especially as the school is over 50 years old and some families have had multiple generations attend.

What a wonderfully inspiring music video!


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