My Bucket List!!!

Sifting through my old posts (the few I have made) I decided to revisit my bucket list. I was surprised by how, in just a few short months, it had changed so much. So, I am updating my progress (or lack thereof) and adding new goals.

1) start college (DONE!)

2) learn to play piano (noooooooooooooo…… this one is sooo hard for me :()

3) go to disneyland for the first time ever CHECK!!! july 21, 2012

4) travel outside of the USA (still just a distant dream made sadder by the fact that my sister has beaten me to the punch)

5) earn young women in excellence award (way behind on this one…)

6) write a book (I have started….barely…)

7) sell one of my own photos (wanna buy one?…I swear they’re better than my writing skills)

8) become a professional dancer. I don’t need to go professional, I don’t want to anymore. The dance world is harsh. For now, I’ll go for just being in the local Nutcracker production. (I can’t do this till I graduate because it interferes with my school schedule)

9) marry and have children (eventually, not right now)(the distant future)

10) create my own blog CHECK!

11) actually write in my blog more than once in a blue moon *sheepish grin*

12) learn spanish (not really that interested in this one but it is more marketable/useful than french)

13) become more fluent in french (I know a little but I can’t understand it when it’s spoken)

14) learn to cook better (my aunt is one of those super homemaker/frugal/cooking-with-only-all-natural-stuff/super-crafty kind of ladies and she’s going to give me lessons)

15) get a job (I’m so pathetic,¬†especially when it comes to interviews)

Any good ideas for what I can add to my bucket list? I’m looking for mostly short term goals that would be fun to do!


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