Hey to you all! just kidding, pretty much nobody reads my stuff… which is fine, not like i’m really writing for anyone but myself anyways. Sooooo, i finally started school yesterday and i have to say, it is an amazing feeling to find out you signed up for the COMPLETELY WRONG CLASSES! Anyways, after sorting all that fun stuff out, i am actually pretty happy with my classes (except online english, but english just kinda sucks to me anyways). I am so, amazingly happy to be dancing again but it feels like crap still being out of shape. Dang! sometimes stuff just sucks. Well, this is kinda, sorta, maybe starting to sound a bit like a weird “college sucks” rant but it doesn’t (the college sucking part). Did any of that make sense? i don’t know….
Well, i see my last post was actually read by somebody. Kudos to you three (if you for some reason happen to be reading this too) thanks for liking it, you guys rock. I was going to tell this cool story about what me and my roommates did for a makeshift FHE last night but changed my mind cause i just don’t feel like typing it up. Somehow, typing it would make it seem so much less cool. And that’s really all i have to say now so…yeah…


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