Why you all be hatin’?

Anyways, just been dipping into the social forums, watching from afar. Reading peoples posts and other peoples comments and such. And, you know what? Not a single person was kind to anyone else. I mean, have some compassion for fellow human beings. Have decency. LOVE your fellow human beings. They are your brothers and sisters and they live in this world too (whether you like it or not). This very amazing motivational speaker came to my school a few years back to teach against bullying. He said that everybody has to deal with tough stuff so who are you to judge others and make it even tougher.

(by you, i do not necessarily mean you exactly as the person reading it, you is addressing the haters)

You don’t know everything about them. Often, they are complete strangers to you. On the outside, they may look fine, but everybody has to go through hurt, pain, and sorrow. Its called life. Their pain could be physical, it could be seen by the whole world, or it could be mental, something that nobody ever sees. They could be suffering from a decision in their past or a decision that they’ll have to make in the future. Many people have hidden hurts and pains that nobody knows about.

My point is, instead of hating them for what you can see and what you think they’ve done wrong, instead of adding to the pain of life and being human, how about you start spreading the love. You be the person to make the difference. Instead of complaining of what they do wrong, remember that you mess up too, and make the decision to forgive them anyways. Hate helps no one. It only hurts. So, as a young adult entering this world for the first time, I’m asking you all, pleading with you, to please end it. Drop grudges and move on. And please, remember, you don’t know everything and you aren’t the only one that suffers.


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