Ghost Stories

So, for some strange reason, last night i couldn’t sleep till very late. I felt completely wide awake so, at about 2 or 3 in the morning, I was just sitting in my armchair in my little living room thinking random thoughts all to myself. This is the moment when I realized that I watch too many episodes of “A Haunting” and that I’m terribly afraid of ghosts (of all shapes and sizes). i heard the faucet in my bathroom turn on. All. By. Itself. Or, at least what sounded like the faucet… Anyways, in my 4-in-the-morning state of mind, I proceeded to panic. My eyes widened, heart began to race, fingers clawed the armrest in fear, and my body (nearly) completely froze. I sat staring at the hallway praying to God that I wouldn’t come to a horrible end in the next few minutes. Finally, to my rescue, came my trusty little voice of reason (who isn’t always so trusty and doesn’t like to appear too often). I began to think “oh, wait, it sounds more like its coming from that closet…where the water heater is…which is probably supposed to make that noise…”. But! how come I’ve never heard this before? Voice-in-my-head, i don’t think…..oh yeah, I’ve never actually stayed up till 4 in the morning before. Ok, you’re right, there are no ghosts. 

So, by now all I want is the comforts of my bed. But, this basement (yeah, i live in a basement) is still creepy as all get-out. Somehow, I made it to my bedroom alive and proceeded to shut and lock the door frantically behind me (cause, yeah, I’m still kinda ‘fraid of the dark…). Then I jumped in bed and watched random stuff on youtube till I fell asleep. And me and the ghosts lived happily ever after. Just kidding, there are no ghosts. The only one I share my room with is my trusty wolf spider (that I don’t actually trust). But, that’s a whole other story. 



A little background info: i’m going to college out of state and for a few weeks before college starts, i’m living with my aunt and uncle in another state (not the one i’m from or the one where i’ll be attending school) besides my extended family members, i literally know only 4 people in the whole state. kinda depressing when you think about it.

Anyways, when i made this deal with my uncle, and when i was packing, and even when i was on the airplane leaving my hometown, the reality of the situation never quite dawned on me. Yes, i would have my own bedroom, my own bathroom, and be plenty provided for, but i never factored in the loneliness. Not that there aren’t enough people in my uncles house, and not that i don’t love them, but having no close friends and too much spare time, one starts to feel the pains of homesickness. I honestly never thought that leaving home would be so hard but now its been 3 weeks since i’ve seen my parents, my little brother, my best friends in the whole world, and my darling cats…and dogs.


Valentines Day 2010

For only being my second post, it’s rather heartfelt, and kind of a downer. But, who cares? Nobodies forcing you to read this. If its too sad for you, you can leave  (Not that you have to leave right away…or at all…)

As good a place to start as any

To begin with: my bucket list (in no particular order)

1) start college (25 days left till completion)

2) learn to play piano (tried, failed, must try again! for some sadistic reason…)

3) go to disneyland for the first time ever CHECK!!! july 21, 2012

4) travel outside of the USA (so far, only a distant dream)

5) earn young women in excellence award (kinda behind on this one…)

6) write a book

7) sell one of my own photos (wanna buy one?

8) become a professional dancer (serious dream!!!)

9) marry and have children (eventually, not right now)

10) create my own blog CHECK!